Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

No, i haven't blogged recently purely because not many people read it to be honest, however i'm at work not doing much and realised the reason why i started this blog in the first place.
Not necessarily to be followed but to have something to do at work.
So, last night wasn't anything special. Had a few girls round. cups of tea and mince pies whilst sat infront of the fire. I had 2 people to sleep and we all woke up, 3 of us cosy in the bed to find that it has been snowing. Yes, snowing and it's only the 27th of november! The idea of it being a white Christmas this year is warming to me more and more every day! xxx

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nearly There...

As you may have read on my recent blog - i am SOO excited about the weekend. I am so excited that i decided to go shopping today for a new outfit AND i decided to cut my hair yesterday so it falls better in a middle parting.. Bought some suede ankle heel/boots and a mustard/honey colour blousse.
Pictures coming soon! XXX

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hurry Up!

So the new term has just started which is quite exciting as it means a new topic for all of my projects, hopefully i will actually finish these on time!
Monday is always my worst day - Getting up early from a busy weekend, (doesn't help that it's practically dark in the morning) and for some reason the day always go soo slowly!
Today wasn't so bad as i got to see all my friends that i didn't catch up with over the half term AND i am so excited to see my new make-up which my amazinggg friend Chloe was sent out to get me - new mac lipstick and powder here we come! Aswell as getting new make-up, my boring sunday was spent on ASOS and I have ordered a new ring and a pair of earings which i'm really really looking forward to receiving in the post!

Also, plans were made for the weekend which always excites me!
November the 5th = Bonfire Night yaaaaaay! However the celebrations are happening on Saturday which leaves Friday free to go on a date with some of my cute friends down at our Local :)
Weekend Hurry Up, I Can't Wait!