Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ok, so it's just turned 12 o'clock and yes - that means Halloween!
Halloween was the one thing that i used to look forward to every year when i was little for all sorts of reasons, dressing up and eating sweets were probablty the main things.
This year was slightly different as my 'Halloween' was last Saturday at one of my friends house. It wasn't just any partayy it was in her new club (yeah i said club).
Theme - Things that we were scared of when we were younger and for me, that was a Rag Doll but of course being halloween it was a 'scary rag doll'.
ClubClifford THANKYOUxxx


  1. Great 'rag doll' look! Haha..I never dress up for Halloween, but you guys are making it look fun.

    Blackberry Sherbet

  2. I love halloween!
    Compliment for the trasformation =)
    Fantastic blog!
    I hope you pass to mine and follow me.
    Thanks =)